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It’s that time of year again. You need to renew your registration but the DMV is requiring that you get a smog check this time. We can help with that! Here at Ultimate Performance, we can not only perform the Smog Check but we can also perform any repairs that you might need in order to pass the test. We aim to make this necessary service as efficient and painless as possible. Just like California as a whole, we care about our air quality and we can quickly perform a complete inspection of your exhaust system.

We’ll make sure there is no need for a retest! Call or visit the team at Ultimate Performance to take advantage of the offer below.

Smog Special
$31.99 +tax
Plus $8 for State Certificate
Restrictions apply. Cannot be combined.

Oil Change Specials
Conventional – $19.95
Synthetic – $59.99

Plus tax. Up to 5qts.
Restrictions apply. Cannot be combined.